Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Why doesn't everyone eat octopus?

Despite the abundance of ingredients available to us today from all around the globe, I'm amazed at how little some people cook, how much we rely on convenience foods, and even more so that so many adults are reluctant or afraid to cook and enjoy the foods I love.

My grandmother told me once about her first meeting with spaghetti as a child in the 1930s. It was of course a new and exotic food in working class Stockton-On-Tees and, having no other idea how to cook it, the family tried to fry it. 'What a long way we've come!' I hear you cry, but have we really? Yes, dried pasta is now a staple of even the most conventional store cupboard, but how often is it paired with a jar of bought sauce - the modern equivalent of Spam or Campbells soup?

I was encouraged to start this blog by two friends and faithful fans of my cooking. Some of the recipes will be quick and easy suppers, some guilty pleasures and others something a little different to cook for friends and family.  I'm certainly not aiming to be pretentious and I don't flatter myself that I'm a contender for Masterchef. My mission here is simple: I want to encourage everyone to cook good honest food more often and try the foods that scare them; to show you that something you think of as a treat on a restaurant can be cheap and easy to do at home, and will often taste better than it did in the restaurant anyway.

In short, a world where everyone eats octopus...

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